Laminate (ordinary Flooring Stores In Tampa #8)

Photo 8 of 9Laminate (ordinary Flooring Stores In Tampa  #8)

Laminate (ordinary Flooring Stores In Tampa #8)

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lam•i•nate (v. lamə nāt′;adj., n. lamə nāt′, -nit),USA pronunciation v.,  -nat•ed, -nat•ing, adj., n. 
  1. to separate or split into thin layers.
  2. to form (metal) into a thin plate, as by beating or rolling.
  3. to construct from layers of material bonded together.
  4. to cover or overlay with laminae.

  1. to split into thin layers.

  1. Also,  laminous. composed of or having laminae.

  1. a laminated product;
lami•na′tor, n. 

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